Praise for Strategic Leadership for Main Street

Earlier this month  I was in Cheyenne Wyoming to work with the five local Main Street mangers of the Wyoming Main Street program. The state program had contracted with me to present a two day training session “Strategic Leadership for Main Street Organizations.” And it was a great hit.

This workshop is designed to enable seasoned downtown mangers to develop a clear strategy to take their organization and their own skills to the next level. The workshop is in two parts. It is centered around two, hour long, one-on one-coaching sessions with us, after the manager completes self assessments: one about the Main Street organization, the other about the individual manager’s leadership skills.

Both of these assessments, created by outside organizations, had real relevance for both Stephanie and me, and we decided to combine these as components of our workshop. It  include planning exercises and group discussions to help participants identify specific issues to be addressed, and then strategies to vault the organization forward. Some of the worksheets we use address overcoming obstacles, pathways to use leadership strengths for guiding change, and creating a plan for selling organizational growth at home through a well honed “elevator pitch.”

Here is what they said about Strategic Leadership for Main Street

“You were an absolute treat. I am so grateful for your time and interest in our programs. I know our communities will benefit and we have found new friends. Thank you.

“The exercises were good and made me think.”

“This has been fun, encouraging and validates my thoughts and efforts to this point.”

“I learned that what we–and me–are doing needs to readjusted–better defined, cleaner, less clutter!”

Donna was a great help.  Thank you.

“Your wealth of knowledge, presentation skills and genuineness are truly amazing and appreciated.”

Gee, we didn’t know!

Contact me if you want to learn more about Strategic Leadership for Main Street Organizations.