Better Recruitment Equals Better Boards at Historic Sites for Preservation New Jersey

On Sunday November 19, 2023 at 2PM we will be presenting an hour long zoom webinar for Preservation New Jersey on Better Recruitment Equals Better Boards for Historic Sites. This session is a reprise of the presentation we made at the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Conference in June 2023.

Here are all the session handouts --there are 12.-- to help you find new board members, prepare them for nomination, accept applications, vet candidates, orient and train those who are nominated by the Board of your historic site. 

Here is the Powerpoint presentation too in PDF form.  

Please join us by registering here for the FREE webinar, go to the Preservation New Jersey web site, go to  Programs and Events, and register at Q & A with PNJ Better Recruitment Equals Better Boards for Your Historic Site. 

See you at the training.