City of Camden Kiosk Completion This Winter

While we wait to see the great work that Night Kitchen Interactive has completed for the second and third phases of the Heritage Tourism Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk in City Hall Camden, we have been writing grant applications to several government and nonprofit funders to translate all of the fantastic historic content for the Kiosk into Spanish.  We learned in our research that slightly more than 50% of Camden residents speak Spanish at home.  This made it imperative that the kiosk, installed next to the elevator lobby in City Hall Camden, be fully translated into Spanish.  Three grant applications for Spanish translation were prepared this spring and fall. We hope that this work is fully funded by year end so that the Spanish version can debut during the first quarter of 2023. The Kiosk is up and working. Drop by City Hall Camden to take a look from 8:30AM to  4:30PM Monday through Friday.