Columbus Landmarks Foundation Revolving Fund Study

We love it when our clients go on to receive well deserved grants for projects that we helped them create.  The Columbus Landmarks Foundation (CLF) in Ohio recently reviewed a $100,000 grant from the 1772 Foundation to match funds already in hand to begin a Home Preservation Loan Fund to assist low and moderate-income homeowners to make needed repairs to homes in targeted neighborhoods.


We worked with CLF last Spring and Summer to create guidelines for the Home Preservation Loan Fund, and another revolving fund-- an Endangered Properties Fund which was already capitalized with $200,000 from a bequest from a local benefactor to help the CLF to intervene in the real estate market in Columbus to protect historic commercial properties. The Endangered Properties Fund is now looking for projects to invest in, acquire, and sell to preservation minded buyers.  The Home Preservation Loan Program will be off to an aggressive start with its $200,000 fund to provide small, low-interest loans to homeowners interested in preservation related repairs.  Our report for CLF was completed with our partner A. Elizabeth Watson of Heritage Strategies LLC. We are excited for the CLF to be starting such important work.