Fundraising Consultation in West Virginia

In mid-December, we made a quick trip to Ronceverte, WV to visit with their 15-year-old downtown development corporation/Main Street to discuss fundraising strategies for the coming year. A small town of about 1,700, in a Southeast section of the state, had survived a debilitating flood in 2016. While the downtown looks like it has recovered, there is still much concern about the future, especially related to raising unrestricted operating funds.  

For this assignment, we created a 2019 budget and identified revenue opportunities for a small group of new fundraising activities.  We also encouraged MSR to expand their individual giving group called the 1882 Society. Finally, we created a fundraising calendar for the year so that the board and staff could chart progress, keep up with many grant application deadlines, and raise enough money to support their overhead without dipping into reserves. We shared a variety of fundraising work plans and sample documents we thought were appropriate for a small town.