Haddon Heights Design Guidelines Complete

The Haddon Heights Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) announced the publication of their new Design Guidelines for the historic districts and individual properties in Haddon Heights. Heritage Consulting Inc. worked with the Commission over five months to create this document. This 160-page, full color and lavishly illustrated publication has been financed in part with federal funds from the National Park Service and U.S. Department of the Interior, and administered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Historic Preservation Office.

The Design Guidelines are a tool for property owners, to help them manage change and protect Haddon Heights’ architectural and historical resources. The guidelines present the preservation treatments and activities that the Historic Preservation Commission does and does not recommend throughout the 160 pages, using more than 225 contemporary and historic photos, text, and drawings to educate and explain these treatments and activities.

Carol Larro, Chairperson of the Haddon Heights HPC noted that “Haddon Heights has had a historic preservation ordinance since 1975. So, for almost 50 years this Borough has believed that preserving our history and community character is essential. My fellow HPC members over these many years have worked hard to designate the eight individual landmarks and the historic districts along First Avenue, Fourth Avenue, White Horse Pike and on east Atlantic Avenue, and along Station Avenue in our downtown.”

Philip Green provided half of the photos and did the high quality design for the publicaiton. 

The new Design Guidelines are now available on the Historic Preservation page of the Borough of Haddon Heights website  and here. . If someone is interested in purchasing their own copy of the Haddon Heights Design Guidelines, they are available for sale at the Haddon Heights Public Library. Ask the Librarian for a copy for sale.