Interactive Touchscreen History Kiosk for Camden City

We are excited to be working on an ambitious public  history project to place an interactive video touchscreen wall display in the first-floor elevator lobby of City Hall in Camden NJ to offer public information about the 300 years of Camden history. Funded by a grant from the Camden County Open Space, Recreation, Farmland and Historic Preservation Trust Fund, this video display wall have  three, 42” video touch screen TVs, mounted vertically on the wall between the elevator and the new café. The touch screen display will use a handsome contemporary mural which showcases about 40 key events, people and places in Camden’s history to present the information. This mural is part of the Camden County Historical Society’s collection. The video wall will have touch screen labels that visitors can use to display pop-ups with a short description and photos or videos, about the people, events or places illustrated on the mural itself. Heritage Consulting Inc. has been contracted to write all historical content and identify photos and videos. The digital consultant, Night Kitchen Interactive, is well known for creating interpretive and educational experience for arts, cultural heritage and science organizations. Night Kitchen Interactive will create the user interface, build and test the design, create the content hierarchy, maintain the hardware, train the City of Camden staff to update content, and assure the video wall runs flawlessly.

Further phases of this project, if funded, will include additions to the video display including Spanish translation of all content, information about the public services available in City Hall Camden, game show type contest so visitors can interact about Camden history, and a monthly listing of events at historic attractions in the City of Camden and at historic sites and history organizations in the county affiliated with the Camden County History Alliance  of the Camden County Historical Society . Other public history aspects of this project will also encourage visitors to share information about historic artifacts or documents they own that have educational value for the City of Camden through social media. The City’s Archives Office or the Camden County Historical Society will work with visitors about these artifacts to lend for display, scanning or donation.


Updated 1-2022