Interpretive Signs, Mobile App for Revolutionary War Battlefields in Camden County

The Camden County Historical Society announced the receipt of a $150,000 grant to create an American Revolution Mobile Audio App, featuring 39 interpretive signs. Starting at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, this experience will weave together the Battle of Brandywine, the capture of Philadelphia, the Valley Forge winter encampment, and local sites in Camden County. Heritage Consulting Inc. will be writing text for the Camden County interpretive signs and the mobile app using work from historians who have documented these sites for decades.

The Historical Society has worked for years on historical and archeological research to use for the newly awarded Battlefield Interpretation Grant from the American Battlefield Protection Program. The grant will help them highlight the lesser-known stories of the Philadelphia Campaign, just in time to celebrate the anniversary of the Country’s founding in 2026. The mobile app will be offered in English and Spanish, complete with audio descriptions for those with limited sight.