Keynote speech Missouri Main Street Connection 10 anniversary conference

Donna Ann Harris

Missouri Main Street Connection

Keynote Talk July 25, 2016


Fundraising Myths and Truths


Welcome, thanks!

When Gayla asked me to do this talk –something light hearted and funny—on fundraising—I said Hmmm? Funny on fundraising? Well that will be a challenge!

But actually, it was not. There are plenty of things about fundraising that honestly are hilarious to an outsider.  But all of you are NOT outsiders to fundraising.   You do fundraising every day.

Today I am going to tell a series of tales, mostly embarrassing or funny stories about my work as a baby fundraiser.  These tales show many common mistakes that anyone can make.  Perhaps by hearing about my stupidity, it will prevent you from doing the same.

So, I blame it all on the camp fire girls.   Read the rest of the talk here.