Morris County NJ Historic Preservation Trust Strategic Planning

This spring we worked with a longstanding regional historic preservation organization, the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust. They were seeking guidance in reorganizing their regional historic preservation group to prepare for the eventual acquisition of a historic property in Morristown, NJ, and related assets. We facilitated in-person and Zoom meetings with the board of trustees at which they considered their vision for the organization’s future and developed strategic planning objectives and milestones on the basis of anticipated resources.  We provided advice on governance, and proposed revisions to their by-laws that were adopted unanimously by the trustees.  The Board Chair said about our work “Donna is a skilled, efficient communicator; as she listened to us at our first meeting, the depth of her experience and its relevance to our needs quickly became apparent.  As a result, I can look forward with confidence to accomplishing a transition that  we had not prepared to undertake on our own.” 

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