Nakashima Woodworking Complex Organizational Assitance

George Nakashima’s Woodworking Complex in New Hope, PA is  located in a peaceful and lush hillside setting and dotted with 15 Nakashima designed buildings, some of which display the master woodworker’s furniture. The hillside site of 8.8 acres is where his iconic tables and chairs are still made today by craftsmen dedicated to his world-renowned aesthetic. The family is considering how to retain the peaceful character of the site while planning preservation of the Nakashima designed buildings. We were delighted to be asked to make a presentation at a vision planning workshop in September to discuss options for the family, Woodworking Company, and Nakashima Foundation for Peace, and to assess how to properly care for and manage the Nakashima designed objects and buildings that make up the complex.   We enjoy working with historic sites, please ask how we can help.