Our Chapter in Reimagining Historic House Museums

We were so delighted to be asked to contribute a chapter for  the new and important book for historic house museums, Reimagining Historic House Museums: New Approaches and Proven Solutions. Published last year by Kenneth C. Turino and Max van Balgooy, this textbook will become a beloved guide for volunteers and staff at historic sites in the years to come. 


The publisher’s blurb reads “Drawing from innovative organizations across the United States, Reimagining Historic House Museums is an indispensable source of field-tested tools and techniques drawn from such wide-ranging sources as non-profit management, business strategy, and software development. It also profiles historic sites that are using new models to engage with their communities to become more relevant, are adopting creative forms of interpretation and programming, and earning income to become more financially sustainable.”


Chapter three, titled, “The Essential Role of Boards in Reimagining Historic House Museums”  was written by Heritage Consulting Inc. Buy this book from the publisher  Rowman & Littlefield Publishers/AASLH.