Speaking at Oregon Main Street Conference Oct 3 2013 in Astoria OR

We are delighted to be speaking at the annual Main Street conference in Oregon this year. Held in Astoria OR on the coast, we are talking about two important organizational topics fundraising and committee work. If you are in the area, please drop by and say hi. Thanks to Sheri Stuart for inviting me to speak.

I hate fundraising! Removing Anxiety & Boosting Board Participation

This 90 minute course will help you respond to the age-old statement “I’ll do anything, but just don’t ask me to fundraise!”  We will show you how even the most reluctant board (or committee) member can participate in the many tasks toward raising the necessary funds to operate your local Main Street organization.  We will conduct a mock 20 minute training session that you can replicate at home, about many tasks needed to raise funds.  The trick is showing board members that fundraising is not only about making the ASK.  Everyone can do his or her small part.  In addition, by asking Board and committee members to undertake tasks they will carry out, you will get greater participation (and less anxiety) from all involved.  Based on the work of Hildy Gottleib (http://www.hildygottlieb.org) this workshop shows you how you can turn even the most reluctant board member into an enthusiastic worker for downtown fundraising efforts.  We will supply a nifty template to use for your training session at home. Advanced level

Weak committees?  Try Task Forces Instead

All Main Street executive directors engage in a never-ending struggle to maintain a vibrant committee structure for their local revitalization programs.  However, some towns are experimenting with the alternatives to committees, the very bedrock of the Main Street Four Point Approach™.  Learn about devolving committee work into small, limited term task forces or short individual projects to help to engage more people in your organization's work.  We will talk about how the role and activities of the Committee chair must evolve to permit these new relationships to thrive.  See why work plans are still critical to the success of these arrangements and how to create reliable reporting relationships.  We will supply sample Committee chair spreadsheets to chart task force/individual project work, and a realistic and new committee meeting schedule.  We will also recommend how the Committee chair can supervise an army of task forces and how to recognize their work, which may happen remotely.  This session contains one exercise and participants will receive a resource packet of materials including the PowerPoint, job descriptions, Committee chair spread sheet and bibliography. Advanced level.