Tacony Selects a New Executive Director

We have been a trusted advisor to the Tacony Community Development Corporation in Northeast Philadelphia since they first began their commercial corridor work in 2009.  During that time, they have taken on some really amazing projects.  Recently their longstanding Executive Director left for a new position, and they asked for our assistance to organize a search for his replacement.

Over four months, we guided the board appointed Search Committee as they updated the job description to reflect the current work of the organization, identified a salary range, and sorted through 65 resumes to find six highly qualified candidates for first interviews. Collaborating with the committee, we helped select questions for first interviews, further develop written questions for candidates, and honed the important reference check questions.

Heritage Consulting Inc. advised the Trustees to ask their top three candidates to make brief presentations to the full TCDC board about their individual visions for the future of the Torresdale Avenue corridor to get a better understanding of the strengths of each person. The Trustees ended their search process with one lead candidate, and we helped the Board Chair with negotiations on salary, benefits, and start date.  James McCrone accepted the job in the spring of 2022. 
This photo from the Hello/Goodbye party held on September 7, 2022 includes from left to right:  New Executive Director James McCrone, TCDC Trustees Mark Whited, Joe Sannutti, Lou Iatarola Sr., former Executive Director Alex Balloon, Board president Georgeanne Labovitz,  TCDC Trustees Ashley de Vries, Scott DeGirolamo, and Nicole Costello.