Practical Preservation: Carrots and Sticks toolbox presentation 8-17 in Trenton NJ

 Ron Emrich, Executive Director of Preservation New Jersey and I will be doing a morning presentation for the Main Street New Jersey Downtown Revitalization and Management Institue  in Trenton on August 17, 2010 at 9AM .

Our session is described this way in the DRMI brochure. Practical preservation Carrot and stick approaches for preserving your downtown’s character Ron Emrich, Preservation NJ Donna ann Harris, Heritage Consulting Has your downtown signage run amuck? Is stucco taking over your district? Is your downtown stuck with out of date zoning? This session will focus on tools and strategies to preserve the uniqueness of your town.

Our session kicks off the two-day session.  We will be focusing on basics that downtown volunteers and managers need to know about the relationship between historic preservation and Main Street work.  We will also spend a great deal of time talking about the "Sticks" of preservation--regulatory controls such as historic district designation, local preservation ordinances, planning and zoning overlays that may help to regulate demolition, alteration and new construction. More time will be spent on the "Carrots" of preservation--incentives, assistance and recognition to encourage property owners to do the right thing for their stores in downtown commercial districts.

 We are delighted that Main Street New Jersey is going ahead with this training, given the uncertainties of the legislation to provide funding for technical assistance and training, which I have blogged about previously (see post from June 22, 2010 here). Ron will spend most of his portion of the talk on federal and state regulations and incentives. I will talk mostly about what local design committees do to create positive environments to encourage preservation to flourish in their downtowns. We will do two or three group exercises together to help attendees get to know each other better and apply what they have learned from the presentation.  We are delighted to be working again with Heather McCall and Jef Buehler from Main Street New Jersey on this project. The cost for the two-day training is $125, and you can register for one ($75) or both days through the Main Street New Jersey website.  Please join us in Trenton in August for this interesting workshop.