Two sessions at AASLH in Richmond VA on Sept 15, 2011

The American Association or State and Local History annual conference takes place in Richmond VA on September 15 ,2011  and Heritage Consulting will present on two panels. This is an annual gathering of history leaders from across the country and we are delighted to talk about our work as we have done for the last six years.  This year we are speaking on panels with two different clients on what we think are two very significant projects.

For the last six months we have worked closely with the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency on a nationally significant, grant funded project called State Policy Responses for State Owned Historic Sites. At AASLH we will discuss our national research for the IHPA on a variety of state policy responses for states, with a focus on historic sites. Many are facing unprecedented budgetary pressures due to the economic recession and corresponding state budget cuts. Alexander Balloon and Donna Ann Harris will be joined by IHPA agency Director Jan Grimes and Karen Everingham, an IHPA historic site staff member.

States have a continuing stewardship obligation toward their important state-owned historic sites, but many are facing unprecedented economic and political pressure to reduce hours, close sites or shift management responsibility to other entities. Our panel will highlight several of the more innovative actions taken by state governments across the country as states search for new revenues, cost savings, and operations restructuring. We will discuss a series of case studies we developed and specific projects for two IHPA sites: research on expanded programming at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Dana-Thomas House in Springfield IL and feasibility study of a vacant restaurant facility at Lincoln’s New Salem in Petersburg IL. Please join us if you are coming to Richmond. This session kicks off the conference’s educational programming for Thursday September 5 from 8:30AM-9:45AM. Attached are the powerpoint handouts. State Policy Reponses for Historic Sites AASLH Presentation 9-15-11

Another session that was accepted for the upcoming AASLH conference is about our award winning public history project for Delaware County PA. This session is called Beyond Colonial: Expanding Stories, Promoting Revitalization. See a recent blog post on that session, as well as all the handout materials here. Check them out!

This panel includes our client for this project, Jill Hall, Senior Preservation Planner with the Delaware County (PA) Planning Department, Rich Paul, Chairman of the Delaware County Historical Commission, along with Alexander Balloon a consultant at Heritage Consulting and Donna Ann Harris. This project won the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia Preservation Achievement Award for 2010. Our session begins at 1:30PM to 3:15PM, please stop by if you are in Richmond. Contact us if you would like to learn more about either one of these projects.