Downtown Summit NJ Board Training

Downtown Summit Inc NJ

In April 2018 we provided a 90-minute training for the Downtown Summit, Inc.,  a special improvement district in North Jersey. Board training is by far our most popular presentation. In this workshop for Summit Downtown, Inc. we discussed the legal responsibilities of all board members for nonprofit corporations, focusing on the board member duties of loyalty, care, and compliance with the law. We reviewed some “bad board behavior” related to these duties, and how boards can prevent the worst by building good board governance practices through policies and organizational transparency. In the second half, we turned to what BID and other revitalization board members do collectively and individually to support their organizations. Finally, we talked about what Executive Directors do and don’t do for downtown organizations, and how downtown Boards can promote Executive Director longevity. According to Nancy Adams, the Executive Director of the organization “The Summit Downtown Board very much enjoyed the training and the direction of such guidelines, so they can conduct their business appropriately.” If your board needs a tune up on their roles and responsibilities, contact us to schedule this training in your town.