New Handbook for Investor Campaigns for Oregon Main Street

Oregon Main Street

We are very excited to be working with old friend and client, Sheri Stuart, State Coordinator of Oregon Main Street, to revise and expand a handbook she created about membership fundraising campaigns for Main Street organizations. Sheri first created this guide for her managers in 2013, because Main Street organizations need to develop a robust fundraising plan to build and sustain themselves with a diverse group of supporters. One of the most important aspects of this plan is a donor campaign, which invests the same amount of time in creating a comprehensive, community-wide strategy as you would invest in planning a major event.

With the recent focus on using social media for fundraising, an update made sense. We updated and expanded this handbook with fifteen sample documents, as well as planning and training work sheets, for a total of sixty-five pages. We presented a short online seminar to introduce the guide to Oregon Main Street Executive Directors on July 28, 2021.

We love writing and teaching about fundraising for downtown organizations—especially about fundraising from individuals, because they have been the largest source of charitable gifts for many decades. See the new handbook, called “Increasing Your Main Street’s Financial Stability:  Turning Supporters into Donors,” here.