Two Sessions at Upcoming Main Street Conference 2020

National Main Street Center

Alas this presentation has been postoned due to COVID 19


This year is the 40th anniversary of the start of the Main Street Movement! We will be speaking twice at the Dallas National Main Street Center Conference . Our crash course on Your Board’s Role in Fundraising focuses on board leadership for fundraising. Since the board sets the overall tone for any community fundraising effort, whether through facilitating member/investor drive, seeking sponsorships, or hosting fundraising events, this crash course will encourage you to make your board’s fundraising responsibilities obvious and transparent, even during board recruitment. This session will help you to encourage board members to understand their funding obligations upfront. We will talk about board “give or get “requirements, mandatory or voluntary board contributions, board gifts as a line item in your annual budget, and the role of the board president in regard to collecting yearly contributions. Drop by and say hi on Monday May 18, at 10:30 in room Reunion G at the Hyatt Regency conference hotel in Dallas.


Our second session “Do You Know How Your Organization Grows? “ is about Main Street’s predictable development phases called Catalyst, Growth and Management.  This session uses this three-phase trajectory to help you understand what is ahead for your organization and how to can navigate the often-chaotic transitions between phases with aplomb.


We’ll give a brief overview of these three phases of local Main Street development and the lessons you’ll need to learn to move from one phase to another.  We’ll share stories from our experience working with towns over 20 years (no names, please!) to reinforce our points. We’ll spend particular attention to talking about the Growth phase, which occurs usually between years four and nine, when you can expect the bulk of the private sector investment to take place  in the district. We will explain why new board skills may be needed to enter into the Management phase. We have lots of handouts for this session.  Drop by and say hi on Tuesday May 19th at 10:45 A.M. in Reunion G at the Hyatt Regency conference hotel in  Dallas.