Tacony Strategic Plan Adopted

Tacony Community Development Corporation Philadelphia PA

We have worked with the Tacony Community Development Corporation in Philadelphia since they began their revitalization journey in 2011 and this is the second time that we have completed a five-year Strategic Plan for them.  Over the last five years. the Tacony Community Development Corporation’s Board of Trustees, volunteers, and staff have been promoting the corridor’s variety of retail, restaurants, and service businesses, hosting retail events, helping existing businesses expand while recruiting new ones, and marketing and communicating about the corridor and the organization.

The work of the Tacony CDC in the commercial corridor over the last five years primed the pump for the millions of dollars of private sector investment now happening in the neighborhood: two new charter schools,  the renovation of the beloved Carnegie Library, and more than 100 homes that have exited from bank ownership, and beautifully rehabilitated and sold to families with children.

In 2016, the Tacony CDC was chosen to participate in the National Main Street Center’s Refresh Demonstration Project to identify a series of Transformation Strategies to further guide and focus improvements on the avenue based on the growing market potential of the area.  Our new Strategic Plan used these Transformation Strategies to frame their work for the next five years.  See their beautifully designed Strategic Plan here.