Nominating Committee Better Board Building Work Plan Presentation

Pennsylvania Downtown Conference 2018

On Wednesday, June 6 we will be speaking again at the Pennsylvania Downtown Center Annual Conference in West Chester. This year’s conference is “Embracing Change:  Empowering the Future of Your Community’s Revitalization Effort,” held in the 2017 Great American Main Street Award winning town of West Chester, PA. Our presentation is “Your Nominating Committee’s Better Board Building Work Plan” scheduled for 3:30 PM. We will discuss an ideal yearlong board building cycle and the critical role of the Nominating Committee to identify, vet, nominate, and train new board members. During the session, we will provide ten helpful resource handouts and a Nominating Committee work plan that you can customize and use immediately to build a better, more inclusive board of directors.

We have been writing and teaching about the importance of the Nominating Committee for many years and wrote a blog post for the National Main Street Center about this topic and it is a really handy guide, see it here. 

See all of our handouts for this session below

1.     Ideal Nominating committee make up, job description

2.     Matrix to use to identify future board candidates 

3.     Sample Board member application form to be circulated to all possible candidates

4.     Sample board member agreement outlining expectations for board meeting attendance, board giving (if required), committee and event participation

5.     Sample Board member job description

6.     Document list we recommend be shared with every board candidate before nomination

7.     Contents of new board member binder

BONUS 7A. Board Source Every Board Member should have info graphic.

8.     Outline for a 45-minute board orientation session provided by the Nominating Committee after nomination

9.     Outline of a one-hour board training outline on their roles and responsibilities for the Executive Director or Nominating Committee member to conduct, with a bibliography for additional information

10.  Board Source information on legal duties of all nonprofit directors

11.  10 Board Responsibilities according to Board Source

12.  A Nominating Committee work plan for the yearlong board building cycle to pull these activities together

See this list in document format here.