Jo Ann Desper

Board President, Roxborough Development Corporation, Philadelphia PA

We have worked with Donna Ann Harris on several projects over the past few years and recently engaged her services to help us recruit a new Executive Director. She worked with us to identify our  needs and write a job description that resulted in finding several qualified candidates. She walked us through an extensive interview process and developed questions and topic discussions that focused on our needs. Donna's guidance and advice were crucial to selecting and hiring the right person. And we did so one month sooner than expected! 

Kelsey Howard

Executive Director Main Street Siloam Springs Inc.

 "Donna is a tenacious advocate for downtowns across the country. Thanks to her consultation services, we now have a 5-year plan that will help keep our organization accountable and focused on intentional strategic growth. Her experience in the Main Street network and years of interfacing with multiple communities at different stages of growth provided invaluable wisdom and confidence to guide our Main Street program forward. The thing I appreciated most about her consultation style was how she worked alongside us and guided us through the process; she allowed us the freedom to make final decisions and take ownership of the purpose and content of our strategic plan. The strategic plan was not a cookie-cutter document, but something organic that we built together that will give us an anchor as we evolve the next several years."

Stephanie Michel

Executive Director North Fifth Street Revitalization Project Inc.

Donna worked with our organization over a few months to help us identify new board members we needed and helped us with job descriptions for an orientation she hosted. We followed up with a Board training for all of our new Board members, which she facilitated, and did an outstanding job.