Yearlong Sponsorship Program handouts For York PDC conference

All of the handouts for the York PDC conference are available here--click on each link to show the document 

Slide Deck Year Long Sponsorship PDC 2024 Harris 


The following are sample documents included in the presentation.

Ardmore PA Sponsorship Sell Sheet

Batavia IL Year Long Sponsorship sheet 2011

Boonton NJ Sponsorship fax form send in 

Bridgeton Nj Year Long Sponsorship Brochure side A

Bridgeton NJ Year Long Sponsorship brochure side B

Lake Orion MI Year Lons Sponsorship brochure

Waterville ME Year Long Sponsorhip brochure

Libertyville IL Year Long Sponsorship brochure

Oakland Fl Year Long Sponsorship program

Woodbury NJ Yearlong Sponsorship brochure

Main Street News 1998 Sylvia Allen 12 Steps to Sponsorship Success


Let us know if you find these helpful