Tacony CDC Visioning and Goal Setting Workshop 2024

Tacony Community Development Corporation Philadelphia PA

On March 4, 2024, we hosted a visioning and goal setting workshop with 40 neighborhood residents and supporters of the Tacony Community Development Corporation (TCDC) in Northeast Philadelphia. The workshop was the last research piece for the new 2024-2029 Strategic Plan that we are writing for the organization. This will be the third time we have written a Strategic Plan for this organization, as they have been a client for more than a dozen years. Learn more about the TCDC here.

This time, the organization will be making significantly more ambitious interventions in the real estate market along Torresdale Avenue. Rather than waiting until individual owners make improvements to storefronts and interior spaces, the TCDC plans to renovate at least one storefront and interior, making it ready for a new retailer that the community is anxious to patronize and support. The neighborhood has changed for the better in the last five years, and there are retailers that are willing to invest in the corridor if a high-quality space is available

Also high on the TCDC’s agenda is doing more work to protect the historic properties along the corridor and in the huge 1,100 building Tacony Community Development National Register Historic District. The TCDC will be considering listing sections of the larger historic district on the Philadelphia Register based on a preservation planning study undertaken last year. The study provided advice about individual buildings and smaller historic districts that are under threat and in need of protection that only local landmarking can provide.

We are writing the TCDC Strategic Plan now and will wrap it up in early summer.