Historic Annapolis:  What’s Your View? Forums for City Dock

Historic Annapolis, City of Annapolis, National Trust for Historic Preservation

For the past six months, we consulted with Historic Annapolis, an old and venerable preservation organization, to facilitate three public meetings, forums and workshops entitled, “What’s Your View? Preserving Annapolis’ Historic City Dock.” Funding was provided by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Historic Annapolis Inc. and the City of Annapolis. The public forums invited participants to analyze the impact of climate change and redevelopment of the historic City Dock area. The goal was to help guide city officials and decision makers on the protection and preservation of the cultural landscape of the Annapolis Historic District, of which the City Dock is a significant part.  For this project, we organized focus groups, small group workshops and a public feedback session that wound up this January 2016. See our final report here. We are looking forward to hearing more from Historic Annapolis as they continue their leadership role in discussing the impact of climate change on historic resources.