Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Best Practices Webinar for Chester County 250th Commission.

Chester County PA 250 Commission

We will host another capacity building workshop for the Chester County 250th Commision on Friday April 26, 2024, at noon. It is free and open to anyone. This is a follow up to our initial webinar about Visitor Readiness. We began our research by undertaking a visitor readiness self-assessment of the 100 history, heritage and open space organizations in the county. 

After reviewing the results of the Self-Assessment (see story above) we learned that one of the clearest needs was for more and better volunteer recruitment, training, recognition, and retention. Using the Visitor Ready Self-Assessment survey results, we identified two organizations that had exemplary volunteer programs and asked them to participate in a panel discussion with us. We are excited about this panel discussion we will lead, and it is scheduled for Friday April 26, 2024, at noon.