Gloucester County NJ Historical Society Strategic Plan Begins 2024

Gloucester County NJ Historical Society

Over the next year, we will be working with the Gloucester County NJ Historical Society on a new five-year Strategic Plan, a fundraising plan, a bylaw review, board training, and succession planning work. The New Jersey Historic Trust is funding this project.

This venerable historical society owns five buildings in Woodbury, NJ. Their museum is housed in the 1765 Hunter-Lawrence-Jessup House. The Library and Archives building at 17 Hunter Street in Woodbury hosts one of the largest genealogical collections in Southern New Jersey. As a collecting institution they maintain 30,000 objects and host changing exhibits and educational programs. They are in the midst of restoring the Moravian Church at Oldman’s Creek, which served as a house of worship for Moravians, Methodists, and Episcopalians for over 150 years. Since 1948, this former church has been under GCHS's stewardship. Heritage Consulting Inc. is looking forward to the coming year and learning about this longstanding and important history organization in South Jersey.

Our first activity for the new Strategic Plan will be a SWOT analysis workshop held in early May.  2024 Learn more about the Gloucester County Historical Society at