Paterson NJ Digital History Kiosk Winding Up

Hamilton Partnership for Paterson

We have been working for the last six months 2023-2024 with the Hamilton Partnership for Paterson on an interactive digital display about the People of Paterson that will provide bios of 50 historically or culturally significant Patersonians, and also highlight some of the many immigrant communities and historic events that have defined Paterson. The exhibit will be installed at the Paterson Museum in late 2024. The Partnership is the official nonprofit partner of the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park in Paterson’s National Historic District.

This project is similar in scope to the award-winning digital history project we have completed for Camden NJ (see story above). Both projects were funded by the New Jersey Historic Trust. This tabletop interactive display will first be installed in the Paterson Museum located in the Rogers Locomotive Works building. When the new Hamilton Visitor Center is completed for the National Park in 2025, the display will be moved to that location. Our colleagues at Night Kitchen Interactive are working with the Hamilton Partnership on the look and feel of the digital display. We are serving as the historian for the project, writing the popups and participating in project development.