Roebling Museum Feasibility Study for Workers Rowhouse

Roebling Museum Florence NJ

We have started work with the Roebling Museum in Florence, NJ on a “Community-driven adaptive reuse feasibility study for a company town worker's rowhouse.”  This work has two Audience Research components and an Assessment of the Heritage Tourism Potential for the small brick row home at 101 Second Avenue that the Roebling Museum purchased last year to better interpret life at the Roebling Company in Roebling, NJ.  The New Jersey Historic Trust fully funded this project in their grant round last year.

The online and paper survey of community residents about their views on the future use and purpose of the 101 Second Street building is open now. The survey will capture opinions about  the future of the Roebling Museum, which is located across the street from its entrance. We will also undertake four focus groups later in the fall to understand the views of participants about the future use of 101 Second Avenue.  From these community surveys and focus  groups, we will provide a report to the Roebling Museum board about two options for 101 Second Avenue that seem the most viable based on this audience research.  We are looking forward to completing this project in 2023.