Evaluating Camden County History Week

Camden County Historical Society, Camden NJ

With the year long anticipation of Camden County History Week, (October 13 to 21, 2018) we felt that it was important to formally evaluate this event so that we could get direct feedback from visitors, the historic sites, and history organizations that hosted activities during the nine-day event. We were successful in obtaining a $5,000 grant from the New Jersey Historic Trust License Plate Grant for Heritage Tourism for this work.

We collected visitor surveys from the 32 organizations open for History Week. The 10 question survey was entered into a Survey Monkey database by students at the Rutgers Camden Mid Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities. We also hosted a feedback meeting with the Camden County History Alliance representatives that participated in History Week. This meeting was to help us gain feedback about the event: what worked, what did not work, and how the event could be improved for the coming year.

The results from the 303 surveys and the Feedback meeting were analyzed, and a findings report created with a summary of both evaluation efforts and a list of recommendations for the future work of the Camden County History Alliance. See our presentation on Evaluating Camden County History Week and recommendations  here. 

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